UBF // Jets Academy Youth Athletic Development Level 1 (Weekly Debits)

$50.00 AUD
Approx $33.35 USD

+ $50.00 weekly


Our YAD Athletes have access to any of our 2 Youth Athletic Development (Level 1 / 9+) Sessions per week.

Unlike in a commercial gym youth athletes will have their own space and will be guided through an age appropriate program under the direct supervision of an S & C Coach.

As our athletes progress through the stages of Long Term Athletic Development they are well prepared and can confidently move to the next level.

By signing up for this membership type you agree that your credit card will be debited weekly until further notice (minimum 12 week blocks).


- Access to 2 YAD Level 1./ 9+ sessions
- Quarterly group testing
- Team Buildr Access (programming)

Price includes a discount on our regular YAD program for Jets Academy & Emerging Jets.
Keep up to date with training
tips, news and promotions.