We have curated a list of the best professionals and clinicians in the Newcastle area. These are the professionals the team at Urban Base Fitness choose when needed to attend to our own personal sporting injuries.

We have a close professional working relationships with these businesses enabling us to offer you continuity of care right through the rehabilitation processes helping you return to the sporting field fitter and stronger than ever.


Dr O'Neil Maharaj from Return 2 Play Medical is an ACA accredited counsellor, ACA counselling supervisor, Sports Doctor and University educator.​ He is an Associate Lecturer at the University of Newcastle; and Doctor to the Newcastle Jets Football Club.

His approach to Sports Medicine is to 'walk beside you'. O'Neil is keen to find out who is patients are beyond their injuries. This ensures that you receive appropriate instruction and have an individual recovery plan.

Prior to Sports Medicine, O'Neil has a background in Psychiatry, General Practice, Emergency based care and has been an educator since 2006.

Dr O'Neil is a key associate of Urban Base Fitness, we don't know what we would do without him!

To book in please contact:

Return to Play Medical
02 4929 5626

Web: www.return2play.com.au/
Insta: @return2playmed/

Advanced is one of the largest most well respected clinics in Newcastle area.

The team at Advanced will book you in with someone with specific expertise in your sporting code or your specific injury rehab requirements.

They have a full-size rehab facility with the latest science based specialist equipment to help you with your rehab journey.  

Erin currently sees and recommends Jaclyn Benz who specialises in Women's sport and has significant experience as head physio for the Junior Matildas (under 17’s women’s National team) and as second physiotherapist for the Matildas (Australian National Women’s Soccer team). Jaclyn has just returned from Tokyo 2021 Olympics. Her experience extends well beyond Women's Football after spending timeworking as a Locum at the AustralianInstitute of Sport and Hunter Sports Academy.

To book in please contact:

Advanced Physiotherapy
02 4954 5330

Web: www.newcastle-physiotherapy.com.au/
Insta: @advancedphysiotherapy/

Fiona is a registered psychologist, specialising in the area of sport/performance psychology and has been operating Mind Body Balance for 24 years. During that time, Fiona has assisted many local, state and national teams, athletes, parents and coaches in the areas of confidence, concentration, handling pressure, motivation, goal setting, time management, performance preparation and general well being. She has worked with numerous sports assisting recreational level athletes to international/Olympic/Paralympic level athletes reach their full potential.

Fiona has worked quite extensively with a diverse range of athletes including, triathletes, tennis players, track and field athletes, dancers, gymnasts, all football codes and golfers.

To book in please contact:

Fiona McCarthy
0414 778 006

Andy is exactly the kind of guy you need in your life. He is a regular at Urban Base Fitness for Athlete recovery Mondays providing massage to our clients as part of their membership.

Andy believes in regular maintenance massage, addressing any injuries or imbalances through massage, stretching and strengthening. 

A massage helps to reduce muscle tightness by improving muscle elasticity. Muscle elasticity improves as temperature increases due to an increase in blood flow. Improving muscle elasticity increases range of movement of a muscle as well as allowing muscle relaxation. Increasing range of movement and relaxation of a muscle reduces muscle tightness and therefore reduces chances of injury and improves performance.

To book in please contact:

Andrew Henry
0428 591 335

Insta: @effective_sports_performance

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