Jacob Hill

Jacob is a Strength and Conditioning Coach with large knowledge and experience base. Jacob has a Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science, Masters in Strength and Conditioning, and has recently started studying again to obtain his Bachelors of Physiotherapy. Jacob has 4 years’ experience in the industry and has worked with a wide array of clients including athletic development, injury management and rehabilitation, and general fitness. Jacob enjoys coaching individuals of varying levels, whether it be a weekend warrior, competitive level athlete, or someone looking to improve general fitness and lifestyle.

Jacob specialises in athletic development, youth coaching and movement quality. With his current study centring around physiotherapy, Jacob is also the focal point for all things rehabilitation and injury management at UBF. Jacob has already successfully worked with UBF clients requiring ACL rehabilitation, hip replacement recovery, and return to work for broken ribs. Jacob also believes that athletic based movements should not only be reserved for athletes, and widely uses them with clients looking to improve general fitness. The implementation of these movements has allowed Jacob’s clients to surpass their strength, performance, and fitness goals at a rapid rate, allowing them to continue pursuing their interests, whether it be competing in sport, or simply playing with the kids or grandkids in the backyard.

Jacob not only coaches’ clients to perform as sport on the weekends, but also participates himself in Newcastle’s 1st & 2nd Grade cricket competitions in summer, and local soccer in winter. Therefore, he knows exactly what is required in terms of physical preparation to perform at your optimum every week. With his cricket background, Jacob also has a special interest in overhead athletes and shoulder dominant sports and activities, which can often be overlooked for the more popular sports. Whether you are an athlete looking to optimise performance, somebody requiring injury rehabilitation and management, or someone simply looking to improve your general fitness, Jacob has all your bases covered!

Kobie F

Kobie is a local Newcastle WNPL footballer, and was Jacob’s first ever ACL rehabilitation client, as he helped her recover from a third knee operation. Although this time was not as traumatic as previous, Kobie still had issues and setbacks to work through, which she attacked head-on and with great determination. Seeing it was Kobie’s third time, Jacob was able to bounce plenty of training ideas off her to optimise the outcome of her programs, as well as being able to enjoy them rather than completing generic boring rehab exercises. Throughout progress testing, Kobie was smashing results as her consistency of training and drive to return to playing soccer never lapsed, allowing her programs to gradually get closer to training normality. Keep an eye out for Kobie on the field, as her return to play should be just around the corner!

Tony N

Tony originally began training at UBF to manage his chronic hip pain, with his goals being to return to working without pain, and to eventually begin boxing again. Tony was lucky enough to get a double hip replacement, with the second surgery being completed in early 2022. This meant that his training goals and structure changed from pain management to rehabilitation, and a more emphasised return to boxing. Tony is now living without pain for the first time in years, and his training with Jacob now focusing in getting into ranges and positions he was previously restricted from due to pain and impingement. Tony’s drive and determination for training and to return to boxing have resulted in immense progress, with a boxing comeback to happen soon!

Matt K

Matt is one of our youth athletes and is a junior NPL footballer for Lambton Jaffas. Matt began working with Jacob to increase strength, speed, and overall footballing performance. His natural ability and willingness to learn has allowed Matt to easily pick up any movement or exercise and quickly become proficient at it. As a result, Matt quickly saw his strength on the ball and sprint speed increase, as well as his ability to recover from training and games. In the first half of 2022, Matt had the opportunity to travel to Spain to be involved in a 4-week trial in Valencia at the International Development Academy, where he performed well before returning to Newcastle with an open invitation to return if he chose. Keep an eye out for Matt as he progresses through the junior NPL ranks!

Lucas H

Lucas was one of Jacob’s first PT clients at UBF, and it’s tough to find someone who trains harder in the gym. Although Lucas had cerebral palsy, this doesn’t stop him from smashing any program and exercise put in front of him, meaning that his progress is always great to see. When Lucas began training with Jacob he had instability through his left shoulder, elbow, and wrist, which was a big focus during initial programming. These instabilities have been rectified, with Lucas now being able to perform upper body exercises without wrist straps or assistance, and the difference between left and right arms being minimal. Lucas also enjoys playing golf, which he has found has improved greatly since starting training with Jacob, with continual improvement one of Lucas’ ongoing training goals. When Lucas is not crushing the gym, he commentates AFL in the Sydney first grade competition, with a vision of becoming a commentator on one the big nationwide TV stations.

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