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At UBF we understand that no two sports or athletes are the same! That's why we developed the Urban Based Fitness Elite Athlete System. This science based system allows us to apply the science of performance to each athlete regardless on their skills, strengths or sport.

WHY UBF? When training athletes you need an extensive understanding of the physical demands of the sport, understand load monitoring, common sport related injuries, end stage rehab and how to adapt programs accordingly. Its not enough to just follow generic programs especially in your pursuit of sports specific gains. It is for this reason that our talented team of qualified Strength and Conditioning coaches have developed the UBF ELITE SYSTEM ensuring our athletes follow tried and tested methods to reach their potential

At UBF we understand that no two sports or athletes are the same! All athletes from amateur to elite, undergo a functional movement screen on their first session at UBF. This helps us to determine their mobility and movement strengths and weaknesses in performance and injury prevention. Our experienced strength and conditioning coaches will then individualise athlete training programs using these results alongside the individual athlete's goals. All coaches at UBF have experience in coaching amateur to elite level athletes in all sporting codes.

Testing and profiling

All our athletes undergo extensive testing from which we program scientifically to ensure improvement

Design and program

Our trainers design a program individualised to the individual, their testing, sport/position and training experience

Train hard in the gym

Each athlete receives a 1:1 session each program change and has access to our "ATHLETE HOUR" sessions

Reward in competition

Now is the time to express newly developed skill, power and strength in competition for your individual or team sports

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