Our clients are at the centre of all that we do at UBF. At UBF we want to make a difference in our clients lives, we believe that the key components of training should consist of health, fitness, moving well, mobility, injury prevention and strength.

Whether we are training elite level athletes or individuals looking to improve their health and fitness, we will apply the same scientifically sound and quality programming in all our sessions.

We aim to challenge the misconceptions around bashing your body in order to get fit, utilising these scientific principles to effectively program smart, enjoyable targeted improvements.

Community is at the centre of our values at UBF and we pride ourselves on inclusion, authenticity, excellence and growth.

"My favourite thing about the health and fitness industry is the ability to help my clients and trainers alike, there is nothing better than being a part of somebody achieving their goals and knowing that you are part of the reason that they are happier, healthier more successful and on the path they wish to be on."

- Erin Wilson
Owner & Director

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