Erin Wilson
Founder & Director Urban Base Fitness

Bachelor Applied Science (Exercise & Sport Science)
Strength & Conditioning Level I & Level II 
Certificate III & Certificate IV Fitness Trainer
Certificate IV in Training and Assessment


Erin has over 10 years fitness industry experience working as a personal trainer, gym manager and now fitness studio owner. Erin has 7 years first grade playing experience in NSW Premier League with Sydney University and 5 years with various clubs in the newcastle WPL. Her love of sport and exercise has seen her working with sporting teams and elite athletes as well as the general population.

Her bachelor's degree in combination with her Strength and Conditioning has given her an opportunity to apply her exercise and sport science knowledge to assisting the individual achieve their health and fitness goals in the most scientifically sound way, being able to adapt and change exercise programming and design specific to the individual along the way.

In 2018, Erin completed her Certificate IV in Training and Assessment allowing her to teach Personal Training at VET institutions. She is a mentor and practical supervisor to students studying Exercise and Sport Science at the University of Newcastle as well as individuals undertaking their Certificate III and Certificate IV in Personal Training. In addition to this she is particularly interested in developing the personal training team at UBF and providing an environment for them to grow and learn and to offer a strong career pathway within Urban Base Fitness.

"My favourite thing about the health and fitness industry is the ability to help my clients and trainers alike, there is nothing better than being a part of somebody achieving their goals and knowing that you are part of the reason that they are happier, healthier more successful and on the path they wish to be on."

- Erin Wilson

Ben Ellis Athletic Development, PT & Group Trainer

Ben has been a part of the health and fitness industry working as a personal trainer for 10 years. Prior to this for four years, he was coach at AS Roma Football Academy. A keen footballer, Ben also played 2 years in the NSW Premier League with Blacktown City. 

Ben has a special interest running group training sessions focussed on, and adapting to the individuals within that group making for an effective session for all involved, he believes that sessions should be focussed on fun and adaptability and not a one size fits all approach.

Ben loves to apply his knowledge and experience to the design of team and individual pre-season, off-season and maintenance programs in the area of athletic performance.

Declan Crook Athletic Development & PT Trainer
Declan is a passionate Strength and Conditioning coach specialising in Athletic Development. He is currently studying a Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science whilst working at UBF giving relevance to the study. As a footballer (soccer) Declan understands the demands of every position and specialises specifically in power development in footballers. Declan is committed to learning and his own professional development, and applies the same commitment to his own athletes
Ashlee Peet Athletic Development, PT & Group Trainer
Ash is a Strength and Conditioning Coach with a depth of knowledge and experience, with a Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science, whilst completing her Masters in High Performance Sport. With 5 years experience in the industry, Ash has worked with a wide range of clientele, from athletic development to general fitness. Ash specialises in movement fundamentals, focusing on quality and mobility. Ash is passionate about empowering women through fitness, giving them confidence in their lives and the gym.
Jacob Hill Athletic Development & PT Trainer
Jacob is a strength and conditioning coach specialising in athlete development. He has 4 years experience working with athletes and clients from a variety of ages, abilities and experience. Jacob has a Bachelor's degree in exercise and sports science, and a Master's degree in strength and conditioning. Jacob is also a level 2 ASCA coach, utilising this knowledge to further develop local athletes in the region.
Cooper Garrett Athletic Development & PT Trainer
Cooper is a young, passionate trainer currently completing his fitness certificates and qualifications as part of a school traineeship program. Cooper has worked closely with Erin, where she has been mentoring and developing his abilities as a coach. Cooper has experience playing Basketball and AFL and a passion for working with Youth athletes and helping them achieve their full potential.
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