Bella Carlisle

Bella is an apprentice Strength and conditioning coach who has lots of experience as an athlete herself and training in the gym since she was 14.

Bella is currently completely her Cert 3 and Cert 4 in fitness and has ambitions of going to complete her Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science. Bella played soccer for the Emerging jets since she was 12 years old and was in the youth team for a couple of years. She currently is playing at Broadmeadow Magic in first grade. Erin has been her Strength and conditioning coach since she was 15 at Urban Base Fitness.


Bella is passionate about helping other people becoming the best versions of themselves. Bella loves keeping people motivated and giving her clients 100%. Bella’s highest interests are athletes that want to train hard but also have balance of a good time as that is something she represents herself. Balance has been an important part of her life throughout and believes if you can’t train without a laugh or enjoying it you aren’t doing it right even on the hard days.

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