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Ash is a Strength and Conditioning Coach with a depth of knowledge and experience. Ash has graduated from a Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science, Masters in High Performance Sport and has 6 years’ experience in the industry. Ash works with a wide range of clientele from athletic development and weightlifting to general fitness, strength, and body re-composition. There is no client Ash won't take on, from complete beginners to those at a competitive level, those wanting to improve their ability to complete activities of daily living to those wanting to improve their performance in a particular sport.

 Ash specialises in movement fundamentals, focusing on movement quality and mobility, with a particular interest and passion for empowering high performing women through their training. Ash is passionate about helping other women to achieve their potential and is invested in helping to develop professional women through strength and increasing their confidence and motivation in their day to day lives and their careers. One of the traits of high-performing women is the ability to handle things when life gets hard - strength and conditioning training is a great way to develop grit, determination and mental toughness that will carry over from the gym into your every day life. Ash believes in women supporting women and wants to show other women that the gym doesn't have to be a male dominated space or a place that you go to hop on the treadmill, women are strong and she loves being able to prove that to them!

As an AWF level 1 weightlifting coach Ash also has an interest in coaching weightlifting right through from beginners to those at a competitive level. Ash competes in the sport of weightlifting, which gives her the experience and depth of knowledge to coach weightlifting at all levels. Ash has found a real love for competing in the sport herself and finds it empowering and rewarding, and is passionate about sharing the sport of weightlifting with others and showing that anyone can give it a try!

My Athletes

Sarah M

Sarah has done CrossFit for years but had hit a plateau with her strength. Sarah came to UBF looking to improve her strength and develop her technique in weightlifting, with hopes to compete in the sport of weightlifting. After running Sarah through an initial screening for weightlifting there were some particular areas of her technique that we could really dial in on to improve, as well as programming her a periodised strength program. Sarah set goals with Ash to compete in a weightlifting comp and hit a 100kg back squat by the end of the year – 3 months of following an individualised program and Sarah is now preparing to compete in her first weightlifting comp and has already hit a 100kg back squat, with her sights now set firmly on the new goal of 110kg!

Shaun F

Shaun was Ash's first ever PT client and has been training with her now for almost 5 years! Ash and Shaun have been through multiple phases of training and worked towards/achieved multiple goals together. Shaun began PT session as he had just come off the back of his third ACL reconstruction and was looking for a coach to help him finish off his end stage rehand, build his strength back up and increase his movement quality. Now that Shaun has recovered from his ACL surgery his goals have shifted towards competing in Strong Man competitions, so we have been working on some very specific strength and work capacity programming which has been a lot of fun!

Jess L

Jess has always been extremely athletic, previously competing in the sport of boxing, she was looking for a new skill to learn and has tried her hand at learning the sport of weightlifting. Being a naturally athletic girl, Jess is extremely strong and has the ability to express this strength by producing a lot of power. Jess is built for weightlifting and has been really enjoying the process of learning the skills as a beginner to now preparing for her first weightlifting. Giving Jess a new sport and skill to channel her athletic ability into and watching her really enjoy learning something new has been a really rewarding experience.

Lara L

Lara is a high performing woman! A mother of 3 who works part time and makes it to the gym multiple times a week. Lara first started training with Ash wanting to ‘tone up’ and get a bit more active. During Lara’s initial session Ash concluded that her limiting factors to building strength in the gym were all caused by lack of mobility, particularly in her ankles and thoracic. After consistently working on Lara’s mobility restrictions while concurrently building muscle and strength, she is now able to move unrestricted through full ranges and is loving her strength programming! The strength Lara has gained and continues to gain training with Ash has empowered her in other aspects of her life, she now comes to the gym consistently 3-4 times per week and pushes herself to her potential every session..

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